Indiana Baseball South All-Stars

     1975  Mark Riggins of Loogootee

     1977  Dave Strange of Loogootee

     1977  Mark Rominger of Springs Valley

     1979  Tracy Clifford of North Knox

     1980  Ed Canary of Loogootee

     1981  Jim Riggins of Loogootee

     1981  Greg Meyer of Northeast Dubois

     1983  Dave Wininger of Loogootee

     1984  Tim Wagler of Loogootee

     1987  Steve Kavanaugh of Barr-Reeve

     1987  Darren Weisheit of Northeast Dubois

     1991  Corry Corbin of Barr-Reeve

     1993  Brian Partenheimer of Forest Park

     1994  Lester Cantrell of Loogootee

     1995  Ryan McClure of North Knox

     1996  Ryan Abel of Barr-Reeve

     1998  Andy Rohleder of Forest Park

     1999  Jacob Cary of North Knox

     2000  Aaron Ash of Barr-Reeve

     2002  Joey Stutzman of Barr-Reeve

     2003  Curt Hunckler of Vincennes Rivet

     2003  Nevin Ashley of North Knox

     2003  Kevin Fuhrman of Forest Park

     2006  Brett Merkley of Forest Park

     2007  Eamon Osborne of Loogootee

     2007  Jordan Jones of Northeast Dubois

     2008  Josh Reintjes of North Knox

     2014  Cameron Riecker of Northeast Dubois

     2016  Trevor Yoder of Barr-Reeve

     2018  Case Eisenhut of Northeast Dubois